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Investments in the coal industry

31 March 2015

The regional administration for the first time entered into an agreement on social and economic cooperation for 2015 with a newly formed company - "Management Company Taldinskaya". Today, the document was signed by Aman Tuleyev and chairman Ruslan Rostovtsev board of directors. UK "Taldinskaya" operates since January this year. Its structure consists of two coal-mining enterprise "shahtoupravlenie Taldinskoye - Kyrgayskoe" and "shahtoupravlenie Taldinskoye - South" and "Taldinskaya trading company" and "concentrator Taldinskaya".
As part of this agreement, the Criminal Code is committed to invest in the development of the industry is 5 times more than last year - 2 billion 300 million rubles. The funds will be used to purchase modern mining equipment, mining and capital construction and installation work, construction of processing factories and other areas. Moreover, the company will allocate 25 million rubles for the implementation of regional social programs.